Lynne Sutherland Coaching

Client Testimonials

"Professional Warm Kind Understanding Non-judgemental Friendly Caring Relaxing These are a few of the things that come to my mind when I think of a session with Lynne. I’ve felt stuck in a rut for quite a while now, always thinking I’ll do something about it soon. When I have a few days to myself, when I finish that work thing etc. Procrastinating really I suppose. A friend of mine shared Lynne’s page last year & I ‘liked’ it & enjoyed her content. I kept thinking, I must get in touch with her & see if there’s anything she can do with me!! But I held myself back because I thought maybe it’s just me being silly, I have a good life & good people around me, so I shouldn’t (😏) feel like I need help with anything! And so, more procrastinating.... until I finally got in touch.  Well, in just a few sessions I cannot explain how different I feel about things. Lynne listened, empathised, encouraged & helped me feel like me again. When I think of the time I wasted making excuses not to get in touch with her sooner, I could scream!!! I didn’t need a reason at all, Lynne just chatted away & listened like I knew her for years & it felt so good. I feel so much more put together & lifted!! If you feel like I did, please don’t waste your time feeling like you need a big reason, as it’s reason enough if your thinking about it. Thank you so much Lynne, I’m forever grateful Antoinette 🤗"

I set out to work on a situation that was causing me daily anxiety and even panic attacks.  Not only has that resolved completely after only a few sessions I also  discovered amazingly that I was sleeping better, my back pain improved and I even have a new understanding of relationships with others.  I highly recommend working with Lynne.  CS.

I now have such a new understanding of what it means to live from the "inside out".  I used to experience my life in a state of anxiety and overwhelm and honestly didn't think I could ever move through this.  Working with Lynne has made such a big difference for me, I am so much calmer and this has also had a knock on effect on lots of areas of my life.  Thank you!  E.B

I decided to try Coaching to help prepare for an interview that I was dreading.  I not only managed the interview from a place of calm, I also understand it was only the way my thoughts were that was creating the anxiety.  Now I understand this generally life is much better and to top it off - I got the job! Thank you.  JD.