Lynne Sutherland Coaching

lynne sutherland


 I’m Lynne Sutherland and I am a Personal Coach who is passionate about helping others to discover the best version of themselves and live their best lives.  

I have over 20 years experience working with people both as a Physiotherapist and Pain coach within the NHS and also within my own Coaching practice.  This knowledge combined with my own experience has led me here to you.  

I continue to be amazed by the mind/body/spirit connection and how when we start to transform one area it also transforms others.

 I’ve always wanted to work with people ever since I was at school (a while ago now!) and this led me to studying Physiotherapy back in 1992 after having knee surgery myself. Over the years I had become more and more fascinated with the mind/body connection and started to realise as a physio there was something more I could learn to help patients particularly those with long-term pain.   I had also experienced a lot of anxiety over the years particularly after having my second child.  I had lost the best version of me; living in repeating cycles of anxiety and trying to keep my world small to control it.  I always had a deeper knowing that the real me was there somewhere.  Through my own journey with Coaching  I rediscovered my own inner wisdom which took me back to the real me.  This led me to studying Coaching, Hypnotherapy & NLP and the beginning of discovering a whole new world of new connections and working with people in a different way.  I absolutely love working with women helping them to become the best version of themselves.  I still work part-time in the NHS as a Physio and Pain Coach and the rest of my week working with my amazing coaching clients in my gorgeous summer house or online.

It's a wonderful feeling knowing you've found yourself and who you truly want to be.  None of us are stuck, broken or need to be fixed.

As your coach, I can help you see what you maybe don't quite see yet and gently guide and nudge you back to your own inner wisdom - you too can see and experience your world in a different way.